Q: How do I use the compass rose?

A: Just select an area on the compass rose that most accurately captures the current state of your affection displayed. For instance, if the affection named "Joy" is displayed then take a moment to read the definitions of the cardinal directions (N,S,E, and W). Now, reflect on where you are right now in relation to Joy. If you are mostly aligned with the definition of West--then select a point near the west cardinal point. You could select a point north-west or southeast.. It's up to you.

Q: Is there a tutorial for Wayfarer Companion: Book of Psalms?

A: Yes, click on the button to view the tutorial on Youtube.

Q: Why is there a phase changing moon in your app?

A: Each day of the thirty day app, the moon's phase will change appropriately. And I just wanted to add a moon.

Q: Is Wayfarer Companion: Book of Psalms a free app?

A: Yes, Wayfarer Companion: Book of Psalms will remain free.

Q: How does the app select the next chapter in the book of Psalms?

A: Wayfarer Companion uses a unique data model and algorithms. For each verse, there's a data model which uses Isaiah 11:2, 2 Peter 1 and the soul affections such as Joy, Compassion, etc. The term "soul affection" comes from Jonathan Edwards book: Religious Affections.

Q: What are expanding ripples, sounds and blinking stars attempting to show?


1. The stars are in a formation based on the intervals which just so happens to be in a divine ratio.

2. The notes played are selected based on the soul affections and faith matches. They are related to your own soul.

3. The notes are also based on the chapter model which combines the soul affections, faith qualities and spirits of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2)

Q: What Bible versions are available?

A: The initial release has five versions. I'll add more as time and budget allow. You can change the version displayed in Settings (select the gear icon).

Q: What is the goal of Wayfarer Companion: Book of Psalms?

A: To assist the believer in a daily contemplation with a goal of increasing the Wayfarer's faith.